SteamRanger Trip 16th October 2011

The weather was perfect as a dozen of us headed out on Sunday the 16th on a day journey from Mt. Barker to Victor Harbour travelling on the Southern Encounter 621 “The Duke of Edinburgh” in part of the oldest public railway in Australia. Once we left the station the train needed to power up the short climb to Philcox Hill which is the highest point on the line. We sat back and enjoyed some historic rail travel while meandering through the 75km of track. Places like Bugle Ranges Station, Gemmells, Angus River bridge, Strathalbyn, Finniss, Gilbert’s siding were many of the places we saw and travelled over. On our way we saw rich farmlands, crossed over Sandergrove siding where another line led to Milang and over the Black Swamp viaduct which was an old watering stop for the steam locomotives at that time. There were also a lot of native gums & vegetation and we got to see rabbits, kangaroos, horses, sheep, cows and a fox. At Currency Creek we crossed a bridge which is one of the tallest in South Australia, then under the Hindmarsh Island Bridge to the river Port of Goolwa, and finally following alongside the southern Ocean to Victor Harbour.
We all alighted the train and of course food was on our mind. There are many attractions & food places to select from. Some chose to go and ventured round the town to find food, while most of us decided “The Anchorage Hotel” would be a good choice. Food was excellent & the service was of a high standard.
After lunch we made a leisurely walk around the coastal side of Victor and saw a lot of renovations being done. If we had the time Granite Island would have been great walk but time was not there to do it. Instead we decided we would treat ourselves whether we needed it or not. Double coned ice creams fitted the bill.......flavours of Rum & Raisin, Chocolate, Caramel & Strawberry.....hmmmm great diet material. After enjoying our treats we all slowly made our way back to the railway Station to depart back to Mt. Barker. Travelling home on a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon sitting back and relaxing helped a few of our group nod off should we say. We arrived safely back at Mt. Barker, said our goodbyes and headed home. Thank you Gloria for organising such a pleasant day spent with a lovely group of people. Thoroughly recommended as a casual & relaxed day out.


It's going to be a great trip    
    I love playing trains!
Hard day at the office! Time for a bite What a bite
  Off back to Mt Barker