Vehicle Modifications

This page is for members to share useful modifications they have made to their vehicle or camper trailer/caravan so that others can gain ideas for their own situation.

Feel free to forward your pictures and descriptions to the webmaster for inclusion on this page.  Thanks!

I ran a 50 Amp twin core cable (suitably fused near the battery) direct from the auxiliary battery to the fuse block mounted high on the cargo barrier.  Then it was a simple task to mount a 150W pure sine wave inverter in close proximity and connect with a 15A fuse in the block.  All cable was run in plastic conduit and securely ziptied in place to avoid movement on rough roads.
With fuse block in place it was another simple matter to mount a Merit Plug socket and Accessory Socket in the rear of the central console.  The 15A cable runs from fuse block down the cargo barrier and then across the rear floor under the carpet and up into the console.
Interior Lighting Upgrades (see pictures) It is a relatively simple task to add LED arrays to the interior light fittings (these are available with plugs that fit into the existing bulb holders).  One picture shows the difference between the existing incandescent bulb and the new LEDs.

For the doors use LED ribbon which is available almost everywhere, with the wires entering the doors via the existing rubber tube from the body.