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New Sand Flag regulations for the Simpson Desert

Arkaroola saved from mining!

This is great news for the wilderness area in the Flinders Ranges.  Check out the story on the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary site.

80 Channel UHF

Here is some information supplied by Electric Bug

“The Australian Government has decided to increase the number of CB/UHF radio channels to make it easier for people to find a free channel to talk on. The 40 channels available now are Wideband (25kHz) and will be split in half into Narrowband (12.kHz) channels. The new 80 channels will comprise of the original 40 channels, plus an extra 40 on top.

There will be a 6 year changeover period, where 40 channel radios will still be available to use. After the first year of 80 channel radios being used, suppliers will not be selling 40 channel radios anymore. But there will still be 5 years when anyone can use wideband radios.

Wideband and narrowband radios can talk to each other with no problems. The only noticeable difference is a slight sound change for people with a wideband listening to someone talking on a narrowband radio. That is, if you have a 40 channel radio and someone is talking to you from an 80 channel radio, they will seem quieter than if you were talking to another 40 channel radio.

There are 80 channel radios available from GME, Uniden and ICOM. Some are user upgradable and some are dealer upgradable. If you have a 40 channel radio that is upgradable to 80 channels (it would say so in the box) you can now upgrade it. It could be user upgradable, in which case all you need to do is press some buttons, or dealer upgradable, in which case you’ll need to take it back to your dealer to upgrade it. Make sure you don’t try to change the dealer upgradable radio yourself and take it back to a trusted dealer. There will be scams around, which could change your radio in a way which won’t meet legal or technical specifications.

We have all the user upgradable instructions in store and we are also able to upgrade the dealer upgradable radios. Just give us a ring if you need any help in finding out if your radio can be upgraded or not.

If your 80 channel upgradable radio was purchased from Electric Bug since Feb 2011, then you are eligible to get it upgraded by us for free.


Gas Production in the Kimberley

Have you been already, or do you hope to go soon to the kimberley in northwest of Western Australia.  If so, you need to search the internet to find out what is happening with the bid by Woodside to build a gas hub at Point Price.  There are lots of sites detailing the pros and cons of this project and you need to make up your own mind as to its merits.  However a visit to the area in the near future may be a good idea to see this wilderness area before it possibly becomes industrialised. Here is a link to some history.

The latest good news is that Woodside have abandoned their plans for the gas hub at James Price point.  Read about it here.