Peake 4th/5th May 2013.

Weather - Sunny.

Location - Talinga Sandhills Peake S.A.

Attendance – 14 People/7 Cars.

Aileen & Rod Kitto                                        Justin (Jak) Cornish

Tony & Chris Moran                                     Peter & Kallie Stewart

Ian & Karen Steed                                         Craig Wood

Tayla & Cody                                                  Dave & Helen Richards (Trip Leaders)



Our Peake trip which was held on the 4th & 5th of May. It was a weekend of fun, friendship, food & tackling the sand dunes.

Arriving late Friday night, we all set up camp then came together for a few drinks & to discuss our expectations for the weekend ahead. After a few laughs & introducing Jak from Bordertown 4x4 to our group , we decided to retire for the evening ready for the day ahead of us.

Saturday morning we awoke to a beautiful blue sky & decided today would be “Jaks Day”. He had bought a new Nissan Patrol recently & wanted to try out the dunes to see what his car was capable of doing. (New model has diff lock as standard). The Safety Brief sheet was read out & with all “airing down” done & flags attached, we made our way out to tackle the dunes.

A few members achieved most of the dunes, after a few hours we headed back for lunch. After about an hour the “Girls” decided to stay back at camp with Tayla & Cody and let the “Boys” have an afternoon out. Well boys being boys that had a lot of fun including Dave leading them into dead end tracks. He then was nicknamed” Dead end Dave” for the rest of the trip. Not to mention Dave managed to get into a little bit of a situation, which he got out of. Back at camp, the girls entertained Tayla & Cody with sandcastles, digging holes for bunny rabbits & having a “Cuppa” together.

The boys returned to camp & Jak packed up ready to return to Bordertown as his son’s birthday was being held later that afternoon. Happy Hour was soon upon us, as we sat back to talk about the day’s events. Later that evening we had our meal together at the local pub the” Overlander Hotel”. All orders were placed in & as the meals came out David was pinching chips off most people’s plates. Of course he was last to be served. His nickname was “Seagull” for swooping off with chips. Once his meal came out he really could not eat all his. Even the waitress was in on the joke and replied give all the left over chips to “Seagull’

We all returned later back to camp, sat by the campfire for a couple of hours, most of us heading for bed after a fun filled day.

Sunday morning was soon upon us with the arrival of Peter Stewart & his daughter Kallie. After breakfast we again headed out to the dunes. This time the girls were having a turn at the wheel. All said they were surprised how easy it was, and not too difficult. Some even managed the Widow Maker (a steep dune.) Very happy with their first attempts & succeeding, they then handed the wheel back to the boys, except for Kallie who loved the experience of being behind the wheel. A few more dunes to cover & it was time to head back to camp for lunch. It was then time to pack up & head back home. This weekend was filled with so much fun, laughter, great company & good food.

At the end of the weekend I asked everyone what was their highlight of the weekend:

Aileen- Loved the company & small group. Enjoyed digging rabbit holes & playing with Tayla & Cody. Best of all conquering the Widow Maker on first attempt.

Rod- Enjoyed the food. First attempt to conquer the Nemesis (steep dune) and succeeded.

Craig- Great Company & weather. Enjoyed the sand dunes.

Chris- Building sandcastles with Tayla, great company & conquering the Widow Maker on first attempt.

Tony- First to arrive at camp & relax. Great company.

Ian- 4WDriving. Achieved what he wanted to do. Great company.

Karen- Great company, good fun, lots of laughs, driving the dunes was excellent.

Tayla- Loved the Sandhills, digging holes for the bunny rabbits & making sandcastles.

Cody- Going up the sand dunes. Got to use Helen’s camera. Had a nice meal at the Hotel.

Jak- Enjoyed the chance of tackling the sandunes with his new vehicle, enjoyed the company. He had a blast....of a time.

Peter- Seeing Kallie experience & enjoy 4WDriving.

Kallie- Everything learning to drive with Dad’s Tutoring.

Dave – Rod’s company, happy to see everyone enjoying the weekend & making milestones with their achievements.

Helen- Loved every single minute of the whole weekend. Taking photos again was awesome.  Just having the love & friendship of friends & sharing a meal together.



Helen Richards (364)