Tips ‘N’ Tricks

Find out those useful tips and tricks before you go away camping. Here are some contributed by members of the club.

Caravan cupboard heat problem

If your caravan cupboards heat up excessively, try gluing pieces of the sun shade you use in the car windows to the insides of the backs of the cupboards, with the shiny reflective side facing the outside of the van. It really works!

Vehicle Awnings

If you have one of those awnings that are attached to your vehicle, it is a good idea to always tie them down when extended, as you never know when a gust of wind will spring up and blow them into the vehicle possibly causing it damage.  This is especially so when you are parked on a ridge, as wind gusts can come up the valleys without warning!

GU Patrol Head Unit

The unit is an Atoto S8 with an Android operating system. It includes am/fm radio, can play music from internal storage or a mini SD card, it has Google maps installed and a reversing camera.
I have also installed a navigator with off-line maps (OSMAND)
The Atoto has two camera modes. One when reversing which shows a grid so that you know what you are about to hit. It comes on when the reversing lamp is activated. The second mode can be used when moving forward and has no grid.

Two photos show the very clever and very difficult installation of the reversing camera on the centre line at the rear of the vehicle. Lazy installers place the camera next to the number plate. Easier to install but not on the centre line.
For the enquiring mind the camera is connected to 12V supply all the time the ignition is on.

Check List

Have a check list of the important items to pack, so you don’t forget to pack them. It is also a good idea to have a short list of important things to check before you actually get going each morning. Check that your caravan/camper is correctly hitched, tyre pressures are correct, fluid levels are OK, and that simple things like all cupboard doors are securely latched so that the contents are not all over the floor when you arrive at your destination.

Nissan on Facebook

Use this link if you want to see what other Nissan drivers are up to.  You can also upload your photos to this page

Cracked rear barn door pillar

Is the window pillar on the large rear barn door of your Patrol cracked?  See how it was repaired.